The "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" and nightlife guide is the inspiration and dedicated research of Bill Williams who has resided in Thailand and other Asian countries for more than 17 years.

Bill has written hundreds of reports during the span of his illustrious career. But the one he enjoyed researching and gathering controversial information for most of all is "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

It is a must read. Here is what one reader, Randall, had to say about "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

I purchased your book on line back in September and read it several times to make sure i absorbed all the do's and dont's i have to tell you the book was excellent and full of useful information and i occasionally scan over it again and again i made my trip to pattaya in October and had a great time thanks to your book.

Here is another testimonial from Phil who lives in Thailand.

"An absolute must-read for the new visitor to Pattaya as well as the seasoned traveller. Packed with time and money saving tips and maybe also save you a lot of heartache in the long run, Keep up the good work.

During his 17 year residency in Thailand Bill Williams dug deep down into the workings of the bar girl business and the complex culture that attracts men like ants to a honey pot. There is no other place in the world that has what Pattaya has to offer the night life punter. But unless you really know the ropes you will make lots of silly mistakes.

After ten years of partying in Pattaya, courting the Pattaya bar girls, and giving advice to Pattaya newbies Bill decided to stitch together all the things he had learned about Thai girls, Thai culture and the Pattaya bar scene into a practical, easy to read guide.

He called this guide "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

"Pattaya Bar Girls Report" has more than one hundred pages of tips and advice about the bar scene in Thailand and especially Pattaya. It discusses the ways of the Thai bar girls and teaches you how to negotiate with these beautiful creatures of the night. In chapter 3 Bill reveals the secrets behind "saving face" and explains why it is so important to understand this precept of Asian culture.

The report will take you to the bars and into the short time rooms. It will give you several plans for negotiating win-win deals with bar owners and the bar girls. For example on page 37 you will learn how to negotiate the best deal to safely take a girl from the bar for a one or two week adventure. In this section Bill explains three important steps you must implement to guarantee you a successful encounter of the erotic kind.

In chapter 4 Bill Williams exposes twelve awkward situations you might find yourself in and explains a work around for each.

Chapter 5 delves into many facets of the bar girl business such as Thai bar girl work rules, negotiating high rollers, salary, sponsors, who not to pay, the top girls, customers, where to find special girls, and more more...........

There are 12 chapters in the "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" and more than 115 important issues covered in these chapters. Here are the chapters:

  1. The Hot Spots
  2. Short Time Bar - Beer Bar Girls
  3. The Importance Of Saving Face
  4. Awkward Situations
  5. Bar Girl Business
  6. The Go Go Bar Girls
  7. Blow Jobs
  8. Druggings
  9. Soapy Massage
  10. Money Traps & Cheats
  11. Some Health Issues
  12. Getting Around & Staying Out Of Trouble

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Here is a comment from a seasoned traveller who downloaded and read "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

" very interesting. now i realize how many things i should not have done. i will know better in september. thanks again"

Imagine having your own experienced Pattaya nightlife guide to show you the ropes, help you avoid the traps and cheats, advising you every step of the way. When you download and read this report you will become your own guide. You will be able to side step any bar girl scam when you see it coming your way and implement one of Bill's counter strategies that will turn the situation into a win-win event.

In chapter 10 you will learn about fifteen scams that occur often in Thailand.

Opening up his vault of vast experience with Thai girls Bill shows you how to get exactly what you want from your encounter with a bar girl. The bar girls operate in a different world to what you and I are accustomed to. You will have to find your way in their world. They know all the tricks to make their job easy and extract as much money as possible from the unsuspecting tourist.

Armed with Bill's report you will have all the information you need to communicate with the girls on their level. The bar girls will be amazed and charmed by your knowledge and the easy way you approach each situation.

If you are planning to visit Pattaya or any other city in Thailand to court Thai girls then I highly recommend you download this report now and read it before you even book your flight. The information and tips contained in this 100 page plus report will help transform your visit to Thailand into an adventure that you would have never thought possible.

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